Krystian Łupiński

Krystian is a seasoned film editor with an impressive seven-year tenure in the industry. His commercial portfolio boasts a wealth of projects with renowned global and domestic brands, showcasing his exceptional skills and expertise.


Having been sought after for numerous music video projects, fashion films, and short features, Krystian honed his craft alongside esteemed directors, production houses, and post-production studios across Europe. This invaluable experience has refined his editing prowess and contributed to his versatile and dynamic style.


Proficient in various software environments including Adobe Premiere and Da Vinci Resolve, Krystian is adept at navigating the technological landscape. His fluency in both English and German further amplifies his ability to collaborate seamlessly on international projects.


With a background in music, Krystian brings a unique perspective to his editing process, seamlessly blending visuals with sound to craft compelling narratives. He approaches each project with a passion for storytelling and a dedication to creating the best possible viewer experience.


Krystian’s journey as a post producer has been marked by a relentless pursuit of learning and gaining hands-on experience. This drive has equipped him with a deep understanding of various roles within post-production, allowing him to adapt swiftly to different industry realities and operate as a highly efficient editor.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Krystian finds inspiration in photography, classic cars and bikes, and a deep appreciation for music and film. Always eager for new challenges, he seeks opportunities to connect with creative minds and contribute to exceptional projects.

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