Aleksandra Gowin

Aleksandra is a distinguished graduate of the National Film School in Łódź, complementing her education with a stint at the renowned Berlinale Talent Campus.


With a dynamic portfolio, she has wielded her editing expertise on a range of impactful projects. Notable among these are feature films like „The Hater” directed by Jan Komasa, which clinched the prestigious title of Best International Movie at Tribeca, and „Kebab & Horoscope” helmed by Grzegorz Jaroszuk. Her work on „Floating Skyscrapers” directed by Tomasz Wasilewski was celebrated at the Karlovy Vary festival, among numerous others detailed on her profile.


In the realm of documentaries, Aleksandra’s touch has been felt in projects like „Symphony of the Ursus Factory”, directed by Jaśmina Wójcik, earning acclaim at esteemed festivals in Toronto and Zagreb. She has also lent her talent to a multitude of short films, with standout works like „Play” garnering over 100 awards worldwide, including accolades for her exceptional editing. Additionally, Marcin Polar’s „Harda,” edited by Aleksandra, premiered to acclaim at Sundance.

Her versatility extends to the world of music videos, with nominations at the Berlin Music Video Awards for standout works like Mrozu’s „Duch” and Kuba Kawalec’s „Zdechłam.”


Aleksandra’s cooperation with Netflix has been instrumental in shaping popular entertainment. She has contributed her editing finesse to feature films like „Noc w Przedszkolu,” and played a pivotal role in the production of hit TV shows including „Udar” ‚ „The stroke”, „Brokat”/ „Glitter” „Sexify,” and „Axis Mundi.”


Beyond her editing prowess, Aleksandra has co-directed captivating projects alongside Irek Grzyb, including „Little Crushes” „Little Wires” and „the Creature”. In her downtime, she finds solace in playing the guitar and has even composed music for several filmschool productions. A passionate traveler, she draws inspiration from exploring new landscapes and cultures.

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