Aleksandra Gowin

Born in 1986. Graduated in film editing from the Łódź Film School. Alumni of Berlinale talent campus. Ola has edited many award-winning films .

Noteworthy, the feature film “the Hater” dir. Jan Komasa (awarded best international movie in Tribeca), “Kebab & Horoscope” dir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk, “Floating Skyscrapers” dir. Tomasz Wasilewski (awarded in Karlovy Vary), documentaries “Symphony of the Ursus Factory” dir. Jaśmina Wójcik (awarded in Toronto and Zagreb), and  shorts shorts including “Play”(over 100 awards around the world, including awards for  editing)  and “Harda” by Marcin Polar (premiered at Sundance) and many others (full filmography on

Aleksandra’s portfolio includes also music videos (Mrozu – Duch, Kuba Kawalec “Zdechłam” both nominated to Berlin Music Video Awards ), and  TV shows „Sexify” and „Axis Mundi”, both produced by Netflix.

She is a co-director (with Irek Grzyb) of “Little Crushes”, “Little Wires” and “The Creature”.

Ola plays guitar and also has made music for a few filmschool movies.

She loves to travel.