Oskar Pospolitak

Oskar started his adventure with post production in 2014 as an online editor. The first time he named himself the colourist was in 2016 after he attended the Feature Film Masterclass in Berlin led by Dado Valentic, where he could evaluate his skills. Ever since, his professional life has been dedicated to work with colours. He has been engaged in the biggest reconstruction project in Poland. During this time he worked on reconstructing over 30 old feature films cooperating with Oscar nominee Ryszard Lenczewski PSC, Piotr Śliskowski PSC, Arkadiusz Tomiak PSC, Andrzej J. Jaroszewicz as well as many other DOP’s who overlooked colour grading in films. At the same time, he was actively working on colour grading of various commercials, series and documentaries. Oskar also cooperates with AMA Film Academy in Krakow sharing his knowledge and experience as a Colour Grading lecturer. Member of Colorist Society International – CSI.

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