Irek Grzyb

Irek is a master’s degree graduate from the Lodz Film School, specializing in film editing. With 15 years of extensive experience, his journey in the industry began as an assistant editor (working on 23 projects). He then delved into editing documentaries (11 projects), commercials (over 90), and feature films (10 full-length films along with numerous shorts).
He thrives on a diverse range of projects, from commercial endeavors (commercials for Huawei, Sinsey, Orange, Provident, Pedigree, IKEA, Garnier, Skoda, Nestle, mBank, Żywiec, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola) to socially impactful works (WWF, Mafia dla Psa, Fundacja Akogo, Fundacja Gajusz) and art-house ventures (films like „Braty,” „Chcesz pokoju, szykuj się do wojny,” „Jakoś to będzie,” „Niewidzialne,” collaborations with visual artists such as John Skoog, Lucy Pawlak, and William Pope. L).
His notable works have received recognition, including „Zabawy z czasem” (Człowiek w zagrożeniu 2010), „Koleżanki” (Special Jury Prize 2012), „Rogalik” (Człowiek w zagrożeniu 2012, Alcine 2013, Krakowski Festiwal Filmowy 2013, Pekin 2013), „Psubrat” (Cottbus 2013, Gdynia 2013), „Marcel” Gdynia 2019), „Bo we mnie jest seks,” „Jakoś to będzie,” „Braty.”
In addition to editing, he is a co-author, alongside Ola Gowin, of films such as „Druciki” (award-winning in Koszalin and Jan Machulski Awards), „Małe Stłuczki” (premiered in Rotterdam, awarded in Koszalin), and „Stwór.” Their collaborative music video for Enchanted Hunters’ „Twin” was nominated for a Yach Award in 2014. Currently, he is wrapping up post-production on his next feature film.
Beyond editing, Irek wears the hats of a husband and a father. During his free moments away from the editing room, he enjoys quality time with his family or immerses himself in scriptwriting.

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