Jakub Matras

Kuba is a member of both the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSFC) and the Colorist Society International (CSI). His expertise encompasses work on music videos, commercials, TV programs, animations, as well as short fictional and documentary formats. His specialization extends to contemporary materials recorded on film tape.
Kuba has been a colorist since 2016, embarking on his journey in grading by coloring his own films and those of his fellow film school students.
He’s contributed to the reconstruction of various Polish films and animations such as: „Zezowate szczęście” (1960) (dir. Andrzej Munk, dop Jerzy Lipman, „Gdzie jest generał…” (1963) dir. Tadeusz Chmielewski, dop Jerzy Stawicki, „Hrabina Cosel” (1968) dir. Jerzy Antczak, dop Bogusław Lambach and Jan Janczewski, as well as „Cwał” (1995) dir. Krzysztof Zanussi, dop Jarosław Żamojda. Collaborated with esteemed figures like Arkadiusz Tomiak, Andrzej Jaroszewicz and Marcin Koszałka.
During his free time, Kuba indulges in playing music on synthesizers and enjoys cycling.