Andrzej Kowalski

Andrzej is a legendary figure in the film industry, boasting over two decades of experience coupled with youthful energy. His undisputed talent, combined with extensive experience, calm demeanor, and technical proficiency, makes him a highly sought-after film editor, excelling not only in commercials but primarily in narrative films and series.


He’s credited with editing popular TVN series like „PATI,” directed by Bartłomiej Ignaciuk, „SKAZANA,” directed by Bartosz Konopka, and notably, the universally acclaimed Netflix series „WIELKA WODA,” / „HIGH WATER” where he had the pleasure of editing three episodes directed by Bartek Ignaciuk. „Wielka Woda” garnered immense viewership worldwide, received fantastic reviews, and clinched numerous awards, including the 2023 Polish Film Award for Best Television Series and the 2023 „Polityka” Passport Award for Film.


Andrzej works with exceptional finesse, expertly extracting every nuance in crafting narratives, all while maintaining a sense of tranquility and a good sense of humor. Moreover, he consistently delivers works of the highest quality, executed at lightning speed, leaving everyone marveling at his process. Presentations with Andrzej are a pleasure and a guarantee of success.

He’s also a highly regarded editor for commercials, with a portfolio boasting hundreds of projects for major brands such as Orange, Samsung, mBank, PZU, CCC, and many others.


Beyond his editing prowess, Andrzej is a professional musician. In his free time, he performs, specializing in flamenco, ethno and jazz fusion. He possesses an extraordinary, almost unparalleled sense of rhythm, which is also reflected in his editing work. Despite his extensive experience, he maintains a youthful spirit. He’s an enthusiast of the Andalusian sun and steadfastly turns dreams into reality. Proficient in both Spanish and English, he’s a tech geek, always eager to explore the latest technological advancements.

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