Andrzej Juraszczyk

Andrzej is experienced, talented film editor with impressive portfolio. He works with great passion and almost surgical precision. He loves working in cross-genre areas like, for example, editing documentary style for commercial (Cafe Prima ‘Wrestler’).

Before graduating Polish National Film School (2009) he studied Film History and Theory at Silesian University. With fluent English and ease for discussing aesthetics of commercial or narrative editing, he often works with acclaimed international directors such as: Damien Krisl, Docter Twins, Roderick Fenske, Alex Ogus, Mireia Pujol, Michał Sabliński, Jan Komasa, Bartosz Dombrowski and Piotr Onopa. It’s worth mentioning he has worked with Oscar nominated director Hanna Polak on awarded short documentary “Love and Rubbish | Why Poverty?”.

Andrzej has many passions apart from editing. He is avid collector of vintage 8mm films, mostly private home movies filmed in 1950s and 1960s in USA. He is also a holder of a pilot license and loves to fly light aircraft around Poland in spare time.