Jan Jagielski

Janek is a master editor, shaping stories that captivate audiences. With a degree from Lódź Film School, specializing in editing, he’s become one of the best in commercial editing.

He’s worked with countless renowned directors. His portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants such as McDonald’s, Visa, and BNP Paribas, illustrating his adaptability across diverse client demands.

While he’s recently focused on foreign markets and tabletop commercials, his talent shines brightest when delving into character emotions and storytelling.

Music has always been his passion, and his background in playing the clarinet and piano gives him a keen sense of rhythm, enhancing the emotional depth of his edits.

Janek’s early days on set in various roles have given him a deep understanding of filmmaking, making him a valuable collaborator for directors and agencies alike.

He’s also a tech geek, which comes in handy when navigating the latest post-production tools and techniques, allowing him to elevate every project he touches.

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