Hubert Pusek

Hubert is a graduate of the renowned Lodz Film School and a member of the Polish Editors Association. He has been immersed in the world of documentary filmmaking for years. His films, such as „Trochę raju”, „Arabski Sekret” and „Wind. A Documentary Thriller” have garnered numerous awards at international film festivals. The latter earned him the Best Editing Award at the Salem Film Festival in 2020.


In the realm of documentary filmmaking, the editor plays a paramount role in shaping the final structure of the work. Drawing from his extensive experience in this field, Hubert now aspires to apply his skills to advertising and narrative cinema. He firmly believes that the interplay between these layers is what holds the potential for a truly resonant audiovisual language.


In 2022, he made his independent feature film debut with „Cudowne życie” and the Netflix series „Brokat”/  “Glitter”.


He holds deep admiration for the works of Östlund, Korine, Joachim Trier i Lars von Trier, Refn, and Wenders. He finds enchantment in the phantasmagorias of Studio Ghibli, visualizations set to electronic music (having worked as a VJ himself), relishes in Indian cuisine, and thrives on the adrenaline of extreme cycling sports.

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