Nikodem Chabior

Born in 1988. Graduated from Film Editing at the Lodz Film School.
Creative and hard-working, impresses us constantly. He has been nominated twice to Warto award for his excellence in editing.
In 2018 won recognition for editing Rojst. Prolog – Showmax TV series featuring Brodka & A GIM – “Wszystko, czego dziś chcę” – over 20 mln views on YT.
One year ealier Nikodem edited the music video for the song “I promise” by the English rock band Radiohead, released on the 2017 OK Computer album reissue OKNOTOK 1997 2017. (dir. Michał Marczak)
It’s worth to mention 2 full length feature films from his portfolio: „A heart of Love” (original „Serce Miłości” – dir. Łukasz Ronduda, script Robert Bolesto) the art-house romantic comedy, inspired by the lives of Warsaw based artists, Wojtek Bakowski and Zuzanna Bartoszek, two emblematic figures of the contemporary art scene, as well as hilarious and commercially successful comedy film „Gotowi na wszystko. Exterminator (2017) (dir. Michał Rogalski), about a bunch of childhood friends who try to reactivate their old metal band.
Nikodem’s commercial portfolio includes work for Amica, TicTac (Ferrero), Dom Development, Provident, Pizza Portal, mBank, RedBull