About This Project

25th hour” | A Tribute to Le Mans

Director & Screenwriter: Michał Korzewski
Director of photography & Executive/Creative Producer: Pawel Jermak
Offline: Krystian Łupiński

Speed and time are two worlds that cannot be tamed.
Many have tried. Many are still trying.
With time, we go beyond ever greater boundaries.
But those who set the line this far are drivers of the legendary Le Mans race nearly 50 years ago.
Over the long 24 hours, they often lost track of time and space, driving over 350 km/h. Sitting a few centimeters above the ground with tremendous power behind their back.
People of tremendous courage, madness and obsession.
Speed was everything. To beat every hundredth of a second.
Thanks to it, they continue to last and travel between dimensions.
In a universe of speed and time.

25TH HOUR is a desire to respect those times and 24 hour races.
This is the 25th hour which still exists. All the time. Forever.
These are the times history will never forget.

BEHANCE: behance.net/gallery/119592271/25TH-HOUR-A-TRIBUTE-TO-LE-MANS



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