About This Project

6 Degrees

81 min documentary 2014

AWARDS: award for editing at the „Sehsüchte” Festival

A Film inspired by the theory ‚Six degrees of separation’ by Stanley Milgram. Assumption – every single person in the world can be reached through a maximum of 6 personal connections.
6 DEGREES is a road movie: A crew sets off on a journey to find the chain of connections between two people (chosen at random) who are complete strangers. The crew travel around for around 3 months to examine how strong the relationships between human beings are and if the ideas about the others’ lives are in line with reality. In this ever shrinking world are we really closer to each other?

Scipt and director: Bartosz Dombrowski
DoP: Wojciech Zieliński
Sound: Błażej Kafarski
Editing: Izabela Pająk PSM, Mateusz Romaszkan
Producers: Otter Films (Anna Wydra), HBO (Izabela Łopuch, Hanka Kastelicova), East Pictures (Tomasz Tokarski),
Support: Polish Film Institute, DI Factory, Genetix, EBH, Café Ole, The Post Republic

Mateusz Romaszkan