Tomasz Malinowski

Born in 1966 in Olsztyn, Poland. Graduated from Direction of Photography at Polish National Film School in Lodz Poland, 1995.
A colorist, photographer, cameraman, lecturer at Warsaw Film School (WFS) For 26 years involved in the film industry. 13 years experience as a colorist using colour systems : DaVinci Resolve, Nucoda Film Master, Quantel Pablo, Da Vinci 2K.
In the years 1995 – 2008 worked as a cameraman in feature films alongside aclaimed photographers: Edward Klosinski PSC, Darek Kuc PSC, Andrzej Jaroszewicz PSC, Pawel Edelman PSC, Tomek Michalowski PSC, Michael Slovis ASC, Richard Crudo ASC.
Author of photography in films by Agnieszka Arnold.
In the years 2008 – 2017 he worked as a colorist on Telecine HD/2K TVP, in the colour development of new digital copies, feature films. His works encompass over 50 feature and series items developed with the best of Polish distinguished cameramen: Witold Sobociński PSC, Paweł Edelman PSC, Darek Kuc PSC, Jacek Petrycki PSC, Wit Dabal PSC, Ryszard Lenczewski PSC, Piotr Wojtowicz PSC, Tomek Dobrowolski PSC, Grzegorz Kedzierski.
The rich portfolio of projects includes positions from the Canon of Polish cinematography: ,Decalogue’ TV series, ‘Mr. Wolodyjowski’ ‘Gates of Europe’ Holy Week‘ ‘Dogs’ ‘Dogs 2’ ‘Farewell to Maria’ ,Home Chronicles’ ‘Happy New York’ ‘Bachelor’s Life Abroad’ ‘When Reason Sleeps’ ‘Wojaczek’.
In years 2017- 2021 connected with TPS Film Studio as a Senior Colorist in the project Polska Cyfrowa (Digital Poland ), ‘Between analog and digital’ – Digital Darkroom. In his work he uses the knowledge and experience gained from working on analogue media.
Since 2015, He has been teaching classes on the color correction of the painting at the Warsaw Film School(WFS), for cinematographers and editors – color development and artistic supervision. In working with students, the focus is on the creative use and impact of color in the film narration.
Since 2021 he has been working as a freelancer and owns the studio ColorFilm in Warsaw. He specializes in color correction of short feature forms, tv series, documentaries and promotional films, as well as various musical forms.
An analogue photography and 2D/3D animation enthusiast, a devoted fan of ethno and jazz music and and experimental theater.
He remains open to emotional colour expression in the cinema, extreme formal procedures, new technologies, further visual explorations and inspirations, to the independant auteur cinema, the borderless cinema.

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