Kuba Tomaszewicz

A musicologist by training and a film editor by passion. He is known for editing a number of commercials for PKO Bank (Organism series) – one of the most recognisable and awarded advertising campaigns in Poland and Plus „Brawo Ty” campaign (Szymon Majewski series), stylish openings for Next Top Model and over hundreds of works for Nike, Skoda, Huawei, Tymbark, Lipton, T-Mobile, Nescafe, Łomża, 4F, mBank and many others. His debut feature movie „Narzeczony na Niby”  (dir. Bartosz Prokopowicz) attracted over a million viewers within its first month.

Brown Sword winner at KTR 2019 Awards for editing “THE LAB”.  His works were honored with Vimeo Staff Pick badge (Kamp – Melt),  3 times were featured at NOWNESS.com – a video channel premiering the best in global arts (“Tęgie Chłopy”, “Duit” , “Gods Of The Underworld”). The music video for Pro8l3m “Flary” was nominated to Berlin Music Video Awards (BMVA).

Kuba’s style is based on strong musical feeling, attention to details and spotting concealed emotions in an unexpected way.
p.s. A great eye, a good ear, a brilliant talent for narrative, plus a great personality. In films he searches for emotions revealed in an unconventional way.